Street Fighter HeroClix Report

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01-25-2011: It's time to start an official Street Fighter HeroClix page here on HeroClix World. While we don't have anything directly from Wizkids yet, we do have a very reliable first-hand sighting.

A friend of mine went to the Clix-a-thon last week and was thrilled to see a slide show showcasing the new Street Fighter HeroClix! Here's what he had to report...

•There are 24 figures
•The sculpts are absolutely "gorgeous"
•Akuma's sculpt has shadow trails!
•Figures to be sold in indivdual blind boosters, $2.99 per booster, 1 figure per booster.
•Purchasing a case should almost guarantee a full set (or be extremely close)
•There is a Ryu and "Evil Ryu"... different sculpts.
•All figures are in an iconic action pose.

Oh, and we do know that Street Fighter HeroClix is fully compatible with current superhero HeroClix (as Wizkids has already mentioned).
This sounds like the single-figure boosters that will be available for Green Lantern. We can probably assume those will be at this $2.99 price point. 

Ultimate Spider-Man: Death Of Spider-Man Checklist

Reign of Doomsday Checklist

Doomsday Returns!
[From DC's The Source]
Doomsday's back - and while we agree that that's not a good sign for the heroes of the DCU, we can still ask: why did Doomsday return?

Well, I asked, and I got a hint back in return. Here's a few words from DC Executive Editor Eddie Berganza about Reign of Doomsday:

"Doomsday is back - and he's hunting down each of the four characters that rose from his first strike on Earth: Steel, Superboy, The Eradicator and Cyborg Superman. Something about those four has drawn him back... And nothing is getting in his way, not even the JLA. That's all I'll say for now!"
Part 1: STEEL #1
Part 2: OUTSIDERS #37
Part 5: SUPERBOY #6
Part 6: TBA (Action Comics #900?)

UPDATED 3/30/11:

Action Comics #900 will now be part of Reign of Doomsday:
Writer Paul Cornell leads off with a 51-page story that concludes the "Black Ring" story and begins the next act of the "Reign of Doomsday" epic. With art by Pete Woods and Jesus Merino, this story welcomes The Man of Steel back to the pages of ACTION, and also features vignettes illustrated by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund, Rags Morales, Ardian Syaf, Jamal Igle and Jon Sibal, Gary Frank and more.
The issue also includes bonus short stories by the writer/artist teams of Damon Lindelof and Ryan Sook; Paul Dini, R.B. Silva and Rob Lean; David Goyer and Miguel Sepulveda; and Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.
Plus, Richard Donner and Derek Hoffman write a story in movie-script form, with storyboard-style art by Matt Camp! And Brian Stelfreeze contributes a two-page spread depicting Superman in an homage to so many of the great artists who have drawn The Man of Steel through the decades.

This has been updated to 8 (or more) Parts:

Part 7: Action Comics #901 (May)
Part 8: Action Comics #902 (June)

Action Comics #902 Solicitation Text: "Reign of Doomsday" marches on! A deadly new foe has risen following the events of ACTION COMICS #900 - and he represents Superman's worst fears personified. Even with Steel, Superboy, Supergirl and the Eradicator by his side, Superman is still in for the fight of his life - and considering his life, you know that's gotta be some fight!

UPDATE 5/22/11: 

Part 9: Action Comics #903 (July)
The mastermind behind "Reign of Doomsday" begins the final phase of his plan to destroy Superman and all mankind! Steel, Supergirl, Superboy and the heroes of Earth unite to try to stop the devastation, while Superman undertakes a dangerous journey in a desperate attempt to save the day!
Part 10: Action Comics #904 (August, Finale!)
Earth has fallen. The multiple Doomsdays have defeated Supergirl, Superboy, Steel, and the Eradicator. Now it all comes down to a weakened Superman versus the monster known as Doomslayer in this, the epic finale of "Reign of the Doomsdays"!

MONDAY TELEMETRY For January 31st, 2011

Welcome to another installment of Monday Telemetry, a weekly blog from The Launchpad that covers some of the more interesting releases or events that are coming to the store this week.

ITEM! This weeks rollback is one Invincible Iron Man 500.1, which will only cost you $1.99! This issue is excellent as a starting point and is part of Marvel's Point One initiative.

Geared for new and long-time readers alike, the all-new Marvel: Point One initiative delivers the perfect jumping on points for the biggest super hero series in the world! Beginning in February 2011, select Marvel comic series marked with a ".1" after the issue number feature full-length, self-contained stories by Marvel's top creators, laying the groundwork for the next year of storylines. From INVINCIBLE IRON MAN to AVENGERS to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, each Marvel: Point One issue of the associated series not only begin major new storylines, but also seamlessly introduces new readers into the dynamic Marvel Universe and its popular super heroes.

Additionally, each issue bearing the Marvel: Point One branding will be followed in the same month by another issue of that series, delivering new fans another exciting installment of the series they enjoy.
ITEM! There will be no Heroclix tourney this Sunday due to the Super Bowl.

Terry's family is being held hostage by a crook who's boosted technology so powerful, he doesn't even understand what he has - and the Justice League intends to neutralize the threat with full aggression. But Neo-Gotham is Batman's town, and Bruce Wayne doesn't intend to give up one iota of control over the situation! With his loved ones' lives on the line, which way will Terry turn under the pressure?

Fresh from a sold-out run in China, Daomu follows young Sean and his initiation into a secret society of tomb robbers, where he learns about his family's legacy: protecting hidden underworlds that exist beneath our feet. Along with a ragtag band of marauders, Sean must survive the terrors of the deep, solve his father's brutal murder, and ultimately claim his birthright as leader of the Daomu. But forces are hell bent on stopping him...   

The DC event of the year begins, coinciding with the release of the wildly anticipated DCU MMO! Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with this immense, 26-issue biweekly series!

Lex Luthor's obsession with destroying Superman reaches a fevered limit when he cuts the ultimate Devil's deal with Brainiac...but with the shake of a hand, has Luthor consigned humanity to genocide?
Comic book legend Marv Wolfman joins fan-favorite writer Tony Bedard and artist Howard Porter to tell the ultimate DC Universe Super Hero tale of good versus evil!

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #500.1 (Rolledback to $1.99)
Special POINT ONE issue. START READING with this Point One issue. Tony Stark takes his first steps into the future! The Armored Avenger soars to never before seen heights and he's not going alone. Learn what it means to be Iron Man in the 21st Century! This issue sets the stage for the most action packed story in ol' Shellhead's life!


Green Lantern Movie Tie-In Heroclix Figures

[From heroclix.com]
Green Lantern Movie Figures - Green Lantern figs are on their way and will be distributed in a couple of flavors.  The hobby will get a GL movie 6 pack with maps, dice, and figures (think Fast Forces).  We’re also putting out a gravity feed unit with 24 single figure boosters in broader markets.   We’ll add these to the preview schedule once GSX has released.  This is a micro set in that there are <15 figures in the set.   BTW – All new sculpts on these guys!


Flashpoint! (A potential checklist)

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Whatever Happened to Gotham City?

Whatever Happened to the World’s Greatest Super Villains?

Whatever Happened to the Aliens?

Whatever Happened to Science & Magic?

Whatever Happened to Europe?

Everything You Know Will Change in a Flash

Yet Another Marvel Heroclix Giant-Sized X-Men Preview

[from Heroclix.com]

Click for hi-res.


MONDAY TELEMETRY For January 24th, 2011

Welcome to another installment of Monday Telemetry, a weekly blog from The Launchpad that covers some of the more interesting releases or events that are coming to the store this week.

ITEM! There's a lot of big releases this week so this edition of Monday Telemetry will focus on some titles that might get lost in the shuffle.
ITEM! The release date for Fantastic Four #587 has been changed to Tuesday!

ITEM! The Age of X prelude releases this week and we'd like to remind you about our Age of X Package Deal.

AGE OF X PACKAGE DEAL:  AGE OF X ALPHA #1 - PRELUDE; X-MEN LEGACY #245 - PART ONE; NEW MUTANTS #22 - PART TWO; X-MEN LEGACY #246 - PART THREE; NEW MUTANTS #23 - PART FOUR; AGE OF X UNIVERSE #1; X-MEN LEGACY #247 - PART FIVE; NEW MUTANTS #24 - PART SIX; AGE OF X UNIVERSE #2. These titles would normally cost  $29.91 at cover price, they can all be yours for the discounted package price of $22.49!

The chronicle of the Marvel Universe is filled with mind-blowing events - and, in this book, we begin recording them in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe-style! Covering events from all eras of Marvel history! The Earth-shaking (The Great Cataclysm! World War II! House of M/M-Day!), the universe-changing (Operation: Galactic Storm! The Annihilation War! War of Kings!) and other significant moments in the lives of your favorite Marvel characters (the Richards/Storm Wedding! Lost in Space Time! Armor Wars!). Plus many more! Featuring new art by Gus Vazquez!

It begins here! The first-ever IDW event, which affects the Transformers, G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters, and Star Trek universes! This dimensions-spanning storyline begins with a specially priced 40-page story by Abnett & Lanning (The Thanos Imperative) and David Messina (True Blood). Something goes horribly awry in the Zombies vs Robots universe, threatening to tear many of IDW's biggest realities asunder! Don't miss the IDW event ten years in the making!

Before the Brotherhood, before his greatest battles with the X-Men, there was a man named Erik Magnus, gathering mutants to join his cause. Does the young Magneto have what it takes to build an army? And what does all of this have to do with The Absorbing Man?

Blaze, the current ruler of Hell, has an offer for Mary and Billy Batson that may be too good to pass up! Left powerless, will the two former heroes have the strength to deny the devil? Can Freddy Freeman save them? And how does the Titan Osiris fit into it all? Find out here, in this one-shot special written by Eric Wallace (TITANS) with art by Cliff Richards (THE ROAD HOME: BATMAN & ROBIN #1)!

Still haunted by the events in Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader must set aside his past and put his future on hold for a mission to the mysterious Ghost Nebula to locate-and if possible, rescue-a missing Imperial expeditionary force.
But what seems a perfect opportunity to lose himself in his duty is complicated by two factors: he is paired with a willful yet highly competent co-commander, and the officer they are being sent to locate is the son of Vader's rising nemesis, Moff Tarkin.


Lord of the Rings comes to Heroclix

[Press Release from Wizkids]


(January 18, 2011-Hillside NJ) – Wizkids announced today the addition of “The Lord of the Rings” property to their 2011 HeroClix release schedule through a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. The first products of the new “The Lord of the Rings” line will be a HeroClix miniatures game followed by a HeroClix strategic board game, both of which will release in the back half of 2011.

“The Lord of the Rings” HeroClix miniatures game will be sold in two different packages: a campaign style box set and the traditional booster format. The all-in-one campaign style box set will include everything a player needs, including NEW epic level rules and maps. The booster format includes the figures, similar to other previous HeroClix releases. With whichever format chosen, all of the twenty or more figures will be compatible with other HeroClix miniatures games.

The second release is a unique semi cooperative HeroClix board game, following in the similar format of our other HeroClix board game products. HeroClix figures, a gameboard and several decks of cards provide all the components needed to play this unique take on “The Lord of the Rings” story. The fun twist in the game is that players’ get to play as the Nazgul working with and against other Nazgul trying to capture the One Ring before it reaches Mount Doom.

First Look at X-Men First Class

Looks like they're giving Emma Frost an even skimpier costume...  


MONDAY TELEMETRY For January 17th, 2010

Welcome to another installment of Monday Telemetry, a weekly blog from The Launchpad that covers some of the more interesting releases or events that are coming to the store this week.

ITEM! We're scheduled to receive more Heroclix DC 75th Boosters this week. This is likely the last of these we're going to get for the time being, so if you want any saved for you, let us know!

ITEM! The rollbacks continue! Wolverine & Jubilee #1 is rolledback to $1.99 and includes a free litho!
The Eleventh Doctor era starts here! When the TARDIS becomes infected with holographic spam, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory are forced to land on an alien world, but it's been targeted for invasion by intergalactic mercenaries! Don't miss the first adventures of the new Doctor and his companions in the latest volume of this critically acclaimed series!

GIANT-SIZED ANNIVERSARY ISSUE! Three generations of Starks face their ultimate foe, seventy-some years in the future while, in the present, Spider-Man joins Iron Man as he tries to fill in the blanks of his missing memory. What if amnesia was a weapon? What if the smartest man in the land had ten nightmares that all came true? Who is the son of Tony Stark? What's inside of the rings? The future starts now, for the Marvel Universe's favorite futurist. The Eisner-award-winning series makes a four-hundred-something-issue leap and raises a glass of non-alcoholic champale in salute to Ol' Shell-head!
With co-writer John Jackson Miller (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) and artist Omar Francia (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2), Walters chronicles humanity's first deadly days on the galactic stage and uncovers the pivotal role The Illusive Man played in it all! Available only in comics, this essential piece of Mass Effect canon offers new insights for existing fans, while the focus on humanity's first steps into the wider Mass Effect universe provides a riveting story of action and intrigue for sci-fi readers of all stripes!

Touched by the power of the Void, Abraham Lincoln continues his cross-time crusade to stop the fiendish forces of Void Stalin, the Tyrant of Time!  Now Stalin's power has galvanized an enormous Asian nation into attempting world conquest-in the 1920s!  Lincoln's team join forces with two of history's greatest aviators, Amelia Earhart and Lucky Lindy, to take down Apocalypse Mao and his Time Fighter squadron!


A Good Look at Captain America

[From Marvel.com]

I dig it. Looking very Ultimates here. (Mike)

First Look at the New Spider-Man

[From io9]

Marvel Heroclix Giant-Sized X-Men Preview: Magneto!

[From Heroclix.com]

The Master of Magnetism is BACK and he’s taking no prisoners.  Magneto is a formidable piece whether he’s manuevering his allies into position or simply blasting away at his foes.   His Magnetic Field Trait ensures that he’s always a hard target from ranged attacks, and if he’s placed in a square containing debris,  he receives an additional +1 to all of his combat values! Lastly, Magneto is also able to carry up to four of friendly figures with this trait, allowing for superior battlefield positioning!
Magneto’s Magnetic Mastery special power enables him to either use Telekinesis twice, and if he uses Option 3 (attacking with an object), he increases the damage dealt by 2!
Magneto’s tricks don’t end there though! His Magnetic Shield special power grants him Toughness as well as causing opposing figures to halve their range values when they target him with a ranged attack!
And on top of all that, his array of standard powers and combat values ensure that the Master of Magnetism will foil your foes at every turn!  Combine him with figures that are willing to smash through a few walls or destroy some Blocking Terrain and Magneto will set bet set up nicely to dominate the battlefield!


MONDAY TELEMETRY For January 10th, 2011

Welcome to another installment of Monday Telemetry, a weekly blog from The Launchpad that covers some of the more interesting releases or events that are coming to the store this week.

The HOBGOBLIN'S fight for power continues!  Which side will SPIDER-MAN and the BLACK CAT be on... and why?  Also: a surprise for AUNT MAY, and the SPIDEY versus KINGPIN rematch you've been dying to see! Included in this issue: an 8 page story featuring the return of Mac Gargan... as THE SCORPION!

The apocalyptic events of SHADOWLAND have left the once-proud legacy of Daredevil in tatters. Now, far from the mean streets of Hell's Kitchen, a new evil is rising, and the only man crazy enough to face it is a man with nothing left to lose. The road to Hell was paved with good intentions, but the long road to redemption is the far harder path...

SPAWN #200
In June of 1992 the first issue of TODD McFARLANE's SPAWN hit bookshelves in record numbers.  Now, 17 years later, the new Spawn, Jim Downing, comes head to head with the biggest enemy of the Spawn universe, with his new sidekick Clown. Can this dynamite duo team up long enough to survive the return of a ruthless Spawn villain?   And what happens when GOD gets into the action? This double-sized issue is jam packed with over a dozen of comic's greatest creative talents. SPAWN #200 features the long awaited return of TODD MCFARLANE and GREG CAPULLO to interior artwork!

Spinning out of the pages of TEEN TITANS comes this spotlight on Cassie Sandsmark, the wonderful Wonder Girl! Even though not every moment of Wonder Girl's life is spent being a Titan, strange adventures still follow her everywhere. In this issue, she'll cross paths with the odd new hero known as Solstice!

Ultra Seven Kinect Hack!

The Direction Is At Your Free Will! Now this is a good use for technology. (Mike)

Flex Mentallo Returns!

[From Comics Alliance]
Arguably the most crucial Grant Morrison work presently out-of-print, Flex Mentallo will finally be made available in a deluxe hardcover volume this Fall courtesy of original publisher Vertigo. Spun-out of Morrison's run on Doom Patrol and featuring artwork by frequent collaborator Frank Quitely, 1996's four-issue Flex Mentallo parodied the ubiquitous Charles Atlas ads seen in comic books for years, where scrawny young boys were encouraged to purchase Atlas products to help them bulk up to repel bullies and attract women. Vertigo ran afoul of the Charles Atlas company, and a reprint seemed until now an impossibility.
This is truly great stuff. I've got the original mini-series and have been hanging on to them since it looked doubtful a collection would ever be released. If you like Grant's stuff, check this out when it comes out in the Fall. (Mike)


MONDAY TELEMETRY For January 3rd, 2011

Welcome to another installment of Monday Telemetry, a weekly blog from The Launchpad that covers some of the more interesting releases or events that are coming to the store this week. 

ITEM! More Rollbacks! Releasing this week: CAPTAIN AMERICA HAIL HYDRA #1 rolledback to $1.99; ULTIMATE COMICS CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 rolledback to $2.99!
Yep, you read that right - the future of the DC Universe continues, as BATMAN BEYOND becomes an ongoing series! Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne are stronger than ever after the battle with "Hush" brought their alliance close to the breaking point. But now a super-powered criminal has gotten in way over his head - and the whole Justice League has come to Neo-Gotham to hunt him down! To top it all off, the crook's taken hostages... including Terry's mom! It's the start of a story that will change Terry's life - and the BEYOND universe - forever... so don't miss out! 

IAN CHURCHILL (Hulk, Supergirl) continues his brand new creator-owned series! Lieutenant Greene gets a tour of Ocean Point and ends up seeing more than expected!  Meanwhile, in South Africa, Jake's life is accidentally put in mortal danger and only Marineman can possibly save him... but at what cost?!

Vampirella has tracked her prey, the bloodthirsty Vlad Dracula, to Seattle and a vicious nest of vampires preying on the young and the lost. In the clutches of Le Fanu-one of Dracula's oldest and most trusted lieutenants - Vampirella must face a growing threat more terrifying than any she has ever encountered... for Le Fanu has exposed vampirella to her own deepest and darkest secrets - vampirella herself (show in a special story within a story in this very issue)!  

Jon Moore is the most sought after spy-for-hire in Europe's criminal world.  This is because of Jake Ellis, a psychic man who is invisible to everyone except Moore.  When a deal goes bad, the only one who can protect Moore from Europe's most dangerous criminals is Jake Ellis. No one but Moore can see Jake Ellis.  But Jake Ellis can see everything.