Street Fighter HeroClix Report

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01-25-2011: It's time to start an official Street Fighter HeroClix page here on HeroClix World. While we don't have anything directly from Wizkids yet, we do have a very reliable first-hand sighting.

A friend of mine went to the Clix-a-thon last week and was thrilled to see a slide show showcasing the new Street Fighter HeroClix! Here's what he had to report...

•There are 24 figures
•The sculpts are absolutely "gorgeous"
•Akuma's sculpt has shadow trails!
•Figures to be sold in indivdual blind boosters, $2.99 per booster, 1 figure per booster.
•Purchasing a case should almost guarantee a full set (or be extremely close)
•There is a Ryu and "Evil Ryu"... different sculpts.
•All figures are in an iconic action pose.

Oh, and we do know that Street Fighter HeroClix is fully compatible with current superhero HeroClix (as Wizkids has already mentioned).
This sounds like the single-figure boosters that will be available for Green Lantern. We can probably assume those will be at this $2.99 price point. 

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