New for FIREFLY -- Out Of The Black Card Game from Toy Vault

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From Toy Vault's facebook page:

'Firefly: Out to the Black' is a quick card game that plays from three to five players. It’s unusual in that the players do not compete against each other, but compete against the game. This is a fairly new style of game called a co-op (cooperative) game. Players take on roles of the crew of the Serenity and play through a series of Events, all based on situations presented on the show. Using their Fightin’, Flyin’, and Thinkin’ skills, they attempt to successfully complete these Events to earn Credits and Honor. If the players run out of Credits or Honor before the end of the game, they all lose and the game wins! If the players manage to complete the predetermined amount of Events without running out of Credits or Honor, they win the game, and live to fly another day!


Star Wars LCG: The Balance of the Force coming soon!

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Fantasy Flight Games has announced plans for a fourth quarter release of Balance of the Force, its second deluxe expansion set for Star Wars: The Card Game. The expansion introduces two multiplayer formats and new objective sets for all six of the game’s affiliations.

The expansion’s new two-versus-two format allows players to team up against a pair of opponents, and there is also a format for as many as three players (light or dark side) to team up against a single threat (the challenge deck scenarios).  The six new objective sets enable use of new mechanics and characters, and their effects will work for both head-to-head play as well as in the new multiplayer formats.

Balance of the Force contains 154 new cards including: 1 dark side challenge deck (Jerjerrod’s Task), 1 light side challenge deck (The Hunt for Skywalker), 6 new objective sets, 1 multiplayer Death Star dial, and new rules. No MSRP has been announced.


Guardians of the Galaxy casting news!

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We're really excited for this movie!

Check out the movies imdb page here.
Marvel Studios is likely to reveal the entire cast of Guardians of Galaxy in a big Hall H extravaganza next week, but the movie identities of a trio of Guardians characters has reportedly been leaked to a Website in England where director James Gunn is currently filming the Marvel-based space opera that is slated to debut in theaters in a little more than a year on August 1, 2014.

According to Den of Geek, Benicio del Toro, who has signed a multi-film deal with Marvel Studios will indeed play The Collector, one of the oldest and most potent characters in the Marvel Universe.

Lee Pace will take on the role of the Kree warrior Ronan the Accuser, who began his stint in the Marvel U as a villain, but has also demonstrated an heroic side to his character.  Doctor Who alumnus Karen Gillan will, according to Den of Geek, will portray the nasty space pirate Nebula.


Adventure Time Card Wars coming from Cyptozoic!

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Cryptozoic Entertainment will launch the collectible card game Adventure Time Card Wars in Q4 2013, according to solicitation material posted online.  Based on the game in the episode of the same name from Cartoon Network’s popular animated series Adventure Time (Season 4, Episode 14 – or Episode 92 depending on how you keep track), this two-player collectible card game allows fans to recreate the epic battle between Finn and Jake to decide who is the Dweeb and who is the Cool Guy.  Both new cards and cards featured in the show are included.   
 The starter set includes two 40-card decks, eight oversized landscape (lane) tiles, and 20 hit point tokens.  It also will include code cards that interact with the Card Wars iOS game.  The two decks are mixable, and players will typically see half their deck during a game, so there’s lots of replay value.
 This first release is not a collectible product, but the game is configured as a collectible game; “add-on packs” are planned.
 Marketing support will include cross-promotions with Cartoon Network and D3 Publisher, including content and announcements on the Cartoon Network Website and Adventure Time Facebook page.
 This Adventure Time Card Wars Starter Set is recommended for players 15 and up, should play in 15 – 30 minutes, and has an MSRP of $20.00.

Captain Harlock Movie Trailer

Can't wait for this!