Mega Man movie announced

The Talking Board is reporting that Fox and Chernin Entertainment have entered into an agreement to start production on a Mega Man feature film. Details are sparse but TB reports the following:
One positive sign of things to come is  and  are overseeing for the company, while  produces. Together they have a pretty solid pedigree for sci-fi action movies, including the recent/upcoming Planet of the Apes films.  and  are overseeing for Fox.
Fingers crossed!


Cannon Films are burned into my nucleotides

Cobra, Missing in Action, Masters of the Universe, Superman IV, and so on. The 80's were weird and so were the movies made during that decade.

Electric Boogaloo is a documentary about the strange cinematic artifact that was Cannon Films.


Deadpool video game gets current gen remake on Xbox One and PS4

This rehash of the original will include all the DLC and such for a reported fifty bones. Not sure if this might be worthwhile or is just a cynical cash in with the movie looming on the horizon.

The cutscenes were fun, and can be viewed on youtube if that's your thing.

From Gamestop's tweet:

Just announced! is coming to & on Nov 17. Pre-order your copy today:

Mermaid Idol Summer Set announced!

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Bushiroad is celebrating the release of the first Clan-specific booster set for it’s popular Cardfight!!  Vanguard G collectible card game with the release of a small collection of PR cards featuring the bathing beauties of the Bermuda Triangle Clan.
The Mermaid Idols Summer Set will include a total of nine PR cards.  This will be the first time that these cards have been released in English.  Also included are three double-sided clear files, also featuring artwork from the Bermuda Triangle Clan.
This limited edition card set will be sold at World Championship 2015 Regional Qualifiers and other sponsored events, and will be available through distribution, with release scheduled for November 16.