The New Way to D&D

"What Devilry is this?!"

Matt ran the inaugural session of his Dungeons & Dragons game this past Sunday and it was epic. Our motley band of adventures was dispatched to a strange and wild island off the coast of the safe and civilized lands we knew. Our groups consists of Stormfang (Shifter Paladin), Gok (Goliath Barbarian), Tinbok the Bastard (Half-Orc Fighter), Wychwood (Eladrin Rogue), and Phariom (Human Warlord).

Our first fight was with a degenerate cult of Dwarven cannibals during which our rogue, Wychwood (played by Bob) failed in his ambush attempt with two consecutive rolls of one. Wychwood's bad luck would persist with the other characters doing fairly well. But it was Gok (played by Daniel) who would be celebrated in song and verse that day. Daniel managed to roll eight 20s during the course of the night with three of those being consective rolls.

Gok waded into a room in a crumbling wizard's tower that held a group of large devil-spawned rats and their demonic master and left nothing but devastation in his wake. The rest of the party gave the barbarian a wide berth as his rage subsided.

Needless to say it was a great game and we're looking forward to next session with our adventurers poised to enter the dungeon below the wizard's tower.



Green Lantern's Director

It was confirmed some time ago that Martin Campbell will be directing the upcoming Green Lantern film and recently reported that offices have been set up and pre-production is beginning in earnest. So who is Martin Campbell? Let's take a look at his track record and how much geek cred this guy has.

Campbell made his bones directing various BBC television productiong. The best of the lot being a celebrated BBC mini-series called Edge of Darkness. I've seen it and it's excellent. A moody, somber series that mixes crime drama, political conspiracy, and science fiction. It also has a notable score by Eric Clapton and Michael Kamen. Edge of Darkness is slated for a big screen remake starring Mel Gibson.

Geek Cred Moment #1: He directed Cast a Deadly Spell -- an HBO production that featured Fred Ward as H. P. Lovecraft, a hard-boiled P.I. looking for a stolen Necronomicon.

From there he brought James Bond back to the big screen in Goldeneye. However you may feel about that iteration of Bond at least give the man some props for helping revitalize the franchise.

After Goldeneye, Campbell made a series of solid and likeable films including The Mask of Zorro, Vertical Limit, Beyond Borders, and The Legend of Zorro.

Then Campbell scored Geek Cred Moment #2; Casino Royale. Arguably the best, most intense Bond film in a very long time. A film to reset the franchise and bring the character in line with the source material like never before.

And that brings us up to date. The Edge of Darkness remake is in post-production, and Green Lantern is in pre-production. Looking at his filmography Campbell proves to be a solid director, someone who can direct action, and most importantly a director who doesn't look at "genre" films with derision.

Songbird to appear in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Looks like Songbird from the Thunderbolts will be appearing in the upcoming MUA2: Fusion according to the game's website. Her design in the game is influenced by Marko Djurdjevic's cover art.


Free Idea

What we need is a roomba in the body of The Doctor's robotic pal K-9. Someone get on that. Oh, and have it rattle off quotes from the show at random.


Monday Telemetry is up.

Our myspace blog is updated with our weekly Monday Telemetry, showcasing some of the interesting stuff arriving at the shop this week.

Check it here: our myspace page.

Superman/Batman next DC Animated Feature

Aint it Cool is reporting that Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (based on the Loeb/McGuinness comic series) will be the next direct-to-DVD animated feature after Green Lantern: First Flight.

Green Lantern Flick

Okay, not the live action that'll be out in the winter of 2010, but the next DC Animated Feature! Cut and paste this link where you'll find the first featurette on the making of this OAV...



Saturday Morning Watchmen

'nuff said.

Marvel reshuffling movie release schedule

Posted from the Carpetbagger blog at the NY Times:

Marvel Entertainment announced this morning, according to reports in the Hollywood Reporter and the Associated Press, that it was shifting and delaying the release dates on several of its upcoming superhero films, to stop the projects from bunching up on one another and to create a dramatic progression in their storylines. With “Iron Man 2″ set for May of 2010 and Sony Pictures’ “Spiderman 4″ for May of 2011, Marvel’s “Thor” will arrive in June of 2011 and “The First Avenger: Captain America” a month later, all of this culminating - once the super-characters have been introduced in their own films - with the multi-character “Avengers” in the summer of 2012.

Original Link: http://carpetbagger.blogs.nytimes.com/

Wolverine: Weapon X #1

There's a preview up at CBR for Wolverine: Weapon X no. 1 (shipping April 8th).

Check it out here: http://comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=2213&disp=table
Ron Garney is no joke.

Who or what is Weapon X? Read the wiki summary here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weapon_X

Batman: Arkham Asylum Box Art

Box art for the upcoming Batman video game.

It's Official

Morrison and Quitely on a new Batman title --
Batman & Robin. Hmm, why not just call it All Star Batman & Robin at this point.

Link: http://comics.ign.com/articles/961/961044p1.html