Star Wars LCG: The Balance of the Force coming soon!

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Fantasy Flight Games has announced plans for a fourth quarter release of Balance of the Force, its second deluxe expansion set for Star Wars: The Card Game. The expansion introduces two multiplayer formats and new objective sets for all six of the game’s affiliations.

The expansion’s new two-versus-two format allows players to team up against a pair of opponents, and there is also a format for as many as three players (light or dark side) to team up against a single threat (the challenge deck scenarios).  The six new objective sets enable use of new mechanics and characters, and their effects will work for both head-to-head play as well as in the new multiplayer formats.

Balance of the Force contains 154 new cards including: 1 dark side challenge deck (Jerjerrod’s Task), 1 light side challenge deck (The Hunt for Skywalker), 6 new objective sets, 1 multiplayer Death Star dial, and new rules. No MSRP has been announced.

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