New for FIREFLY -- Out Of The Black Card Game from Toy Vault

[Image reposted from ICv2]

From Toy Vault's facebook page:

'Firefly: Out to the Black' is a quick card game that plays from three to five players. It’s unusual in that the players do not compete against each other, but compete against the game. This is a fairly new style of game called a co-op (cooperative) game. Players take on roles of the crew of the Serenity and play through a series of Events, all based on situations presented on the show. Using their Fightin’, Flyin’, and Thinkin’ skills, they attempt to successfully complete these Events to earn Credits and Honor. If the players run out of Credits or Honor before the end of the game, they all lose and the game wins! If the players manage to complete the predetermined amount of Events without running out of Credits or Honor, they win the game, and live to fly another day!


  1. 3-5 players?

    Any clue how it works with just 2?

  2. Maybe it's just doesn't scale for two. I'd say two players could run two crew members each probably.