XBLA Batman Game?

[reposted from Joystiq]
Back in February, there was a rumor going around, based on a few listings at UK retailers, that Warner Brothers was working on a Batman game specifically made for Xbox Live Arcade. At the time, the rumored title was "Gotham City Impostors," but with little more than that the story sounded as believable as Jason Todd coming back to life.

But now, Superannuation has unearthed registrations by Warner Brothers for the BatmanImpostors.com web domain, as well as BatmanRedHoods.com and BatmanHushGame.com. Now, the story seems about as likely as ... Jason Todd coming back to life.

Of course, this doesn't confirm an XBLA game -- Warner Brothers could just be registering these in advance of the Batman: Arkham City release, or picking them up for some unrelated reason. Impostors, as it is spelled, is a storyline from Detective Comics last year, while Hush is a well-known Batman villian. Keep your Detective Vision turned on, folks.

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