Brute Force returns in Marvel Comics' Deadpool Bi-Annual #1

Wow. Just Wow. 

Deadpool Bi-Annual #1 was just released today and it is a fun read but whenever something that was best left forgotten gets resurrected it seems to access a dormant portion of my memory, releasing it's contents, like a kind of poison, into my brain. Brute Force, Protectors of the Environment (originally a four-issue mini-series from 1990) was one of those long forgotten footnotes from Marvel Comics. 

On the podcast I am affiliated with, the Mission Command Podcast, we commented recently about the resurgence of the funny animal. Seems like there's something to that, as that same zeitgeist has brought about the return of the lamentable and lost Brute Force. Oh well. It was a fun story and got a few LOLs out of me. So that's something. Below are some images form the original Brute Force.

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