Amazing Fist is a go!

From the Stockton Record:
"I cannot wait. This is going to happen, like, this is going to happen. This is going to happen, and that's craziness. That is so crazy."
Adam Messinger, 23, sat at his kitchen table in north Stockton and grinned. He was a sophomore in high school when he decided he wanted to work as a professional comic book writer.
Now, nearly a decade later, he has taken a big step toward realizing his dream.
Messinger and his wife, Alicia, 27, had just learned they had surpassed their goal of collecting $3,500 in an online fund drive to pay for the first issue of his comic, "The Amazing Fist."
 Read the full article at the link above and donations at Kickstarter are still open as of this writing.

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