REVIEW: X-Men #1

We open with a fantastic Adi Granov cover depicting some of the key X-Men from past and present arrayed against a foreboding sky. And there are indeed storm clouds on the horizon for the X-Men. The recap in the beginning summarizes some of the recent problems to beset mutantkind and implies that things may be looking up. (Love the retro logo).

It isn't long before a beautiful summer day in San Fransisco is marred by a suicide bomber. But this is no ordinary bomb, the bomber is the bomb, a vampire who when exposed to the sun explodes in a bloody mess. This leaves numerous people including one of the X-Men's own covered in infected blood. 

This is a pretty good first issue, depicting the opening salvo in the war that will unfold under Marvel's Curse of the Mutants banner. Paco Medina's (you may remember him from early issue of the current Deadpool series) art is excellent and serves the story and the action well. Victor Gischler's script is solid but his lack of experience with these characters shows now and again with some dialogue that doesn't quite fit. The only other complaint I have about it is the lack of "catch-up" exposition that would serve to introduce a new reader to the current cast of X-Men. They could of at least used those name and summary captions that were put to such good use in the recent Avengers titles.

Overall this is a solid first issue and it looks like the Curse of the Mutants is going to be good, bloody fun.

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