MONDAY TELEMETRY For February 22nd, 2010

Welcome to another installment of Monday Telemetry, a weekly blog from The Launchpad that covers some of the more interesting releases or events that are coming to the store this week.

ITEM! Wow! A bunch of good books coming out this week. Read on for just some of the highlights.

ITEM! For February Siege subscribers we've got AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE # 33, DARK WOLVERINE # 83, NEW AVENGERS # 62, THOR # 607, THUNDERBOLTS # 141. We'll be announcing the winner of the Siege #2 variant drawing at the end of the month. It's not too late to buy into this package and get a shot at the variant drawing!

Another Batman & Robin ish this month! Very cool arc.
Part 3 of "Blackest Knight" guest-starring Batwoman, Knight and Squire! Only months into his new role as Batman, Dick Grayson faces perhaps the biggest threat of his life. In hopes of attaining his heart's desire, has Dick instead unleashed a terror the likes of which the world has never seen?

Meanwhile, back in Gotham City, Alfred and a recuperating Robin are at the mercy of someone both fearsome and familiar…


Keep an eye out for a special deal on Brightest Day...
As Nekron continues to wage war on life throughout the universe, Hal Jordan discovers the grim, true mission behind the villain's return. But the truth is so cosmically abysmal that it threatens to expose a secret that could tear the very universe asunder. You can't miss this stunning, penultimate issue to the year's biggest event!


Second issue of Deadpool this month. We sold out of #19 quick (more on the way, don't worry) and this issue will move fast too. And finally we get the delayed appearance of Hit-Monkey!
“WHATEVER A SPIDER CAN,” PART 2 Deadpool and Spider-Man team up (yes, team up) to combat the unstoppable killing machine known as Hit-Monkey! Yes, Hit-Monkey.


Here it is. Last ish (for now).
Over-sized final issue! It’s Ms. Marvel and Mystique in a fight to the finish—and the ending will rock the world of Carol Danvers!

FYI, the Ms. Marvel cover is an homage to this cover...


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