MONDAY TELEMETRY For December 7th, 2009

Welcome to another installment of Monday Telemetry, a weekly blog from The Launchpad that covers some of the more interesting releases or events that are coming to the store this week.

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Tony's closest friends and lovers have gathered to try and help the man rebuild his shattered consciousness, body, life and legacy...but when Tony gets the call, does he WANT to come back? CAN he...even with Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, bridging the gap between the two worlds? And you didn't think the bad guys were going to just sit back and let Tony rest and recuperate, did you?

Sgt. Riley - codenamed "Ghost" - has found himself in many a sticky situation while serving in the S.A.S. But never has a mission fallen apart so fast. On his first Joint Task Force mission, a combination of betrayal and bad luck has landed him in the hands of a blood-thirsty Mexican drug czar. Could things possibly get worse? Absolutely, yes.

A mutant nation has been created on UTOPIA, off the coast of California.  But what does that mean to the X-Men?  Don't miss the series that delves into the lives and minds of your favorite X-Characters. This issue stars Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and others!

A new mission begins, taking The Shield on a Nazi hunt in the jungles of South America. But there are already complications and an international incident brewing when he encounters the Great Ten!
Plus, Inferno has finally been cornered by the FBI. Has he run out of room to escape - or will he leap to the top of the Most Wanted list?

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