Catching up, part the second...

Powers #2: A series I hadn't read previously. Think I'll be following this book from now on. Brutal, brutal first couple of pages.

The Stand Soul Survivors #3: Very good book. This adaptation is continuing at a ideal pace for me. Wonder how many volumes it'll be when it's done?

Wolverine Weapon X #8: Pretty dark stuff. I've been enjoying this arc so far. Makes me wonder though why they don't have a Wolverine Max series and just go for it. Nothing in this issue is kid-appropriate anyway.

Wolverine Origins #43: Just jumping in to this arc (thank you Marvel for the recaps in the beginning of the ish) and I love the idea of Wolverine going to practice his sword technique with the Silver Samurai and would have like to see more of that actually. Good issue, tightly plotted with some good twists and turns.

That's it for now.... (Mike)

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