70s Employment Opportunities

The following ads are scanned from a tattered copy of DC's House of Mystery #131 from May 1975. I know comics have always had adult fans but ads from the older eras of comics always seemed to skew pretty young. This comic has the Hostess Fruit Pie ad "Batman and the Mummy" and ads for the usual x-ray specs and army men. I'm struck by how many of its ads are for various kinds of "job training".

It's interesting how a kid in 1975 is bemoaning his lack of "tech skills". This company is still in existence and provides electronics and computer training via "distance learning".

"Work side-by-side aiding a man..." An ad aimed squarely at girls that like puppies and kittens.

I didn't realize we had a national shortage of draftsmen in the 70s.

There was a huge trucker craze in the late 70s and I'll wager there were plenty of kids and adults who wanted to join the metaphorical "convoy".

Another 70s fad. Now interest in motorcycle repair seems fueled by a resurgence in "outlaw biker" culture.

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