And So It Begins...

Ominous title but what does it mean? Nothin' really.

So, sorry about the lack of a Monday Telemetry this week. I'd like to blame it on the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum but the truth of the matter is I was just too busy to get it done. We're working hard making some cosmetic changes at the shop, preparing for a slight rearrangement which should be complete by the end of September (shop will look better than ever!). Stay tuned for that.

Shipping advisory for next week: Due to Labor Day new comics won't be in store until Thursday.

Good stuff this week: Another ish of Deadpool this month, Incognito #6, JL Cry For Justice #3, Magog #1, Red Tornado #1, Starr the Slayer #1 (C'mon it's Corben!), and the second issue of the superlative Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (give this one a try, it's awesome!).

Other fun stuff includes SF20: The Art of Streetfighter, the massive Art of Top Cow, and Radical's very affordable Lords of Misrule hardcover.

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