MARVEL LEGACY Numbering Guides/Charts

Here's the guides for several of Marvel's titles that reflect the changes to the numbering for the upcoming Marvel Legacy event.


Abraham from The Starlost. We watched the first episode at the shop last night and it was "a hoot". This crazy old coot who languished near the door that led to the "bottomless pit" was the highlight I think. I can only assume this series and probably other SF of the time influenced Jim Ward's Metamorphosis Alpha. A game I was always interested in...


New Marvel Titles for 6/7/17

Betrayal At Baldur's Gate coming soon from Avalon Hill!

Just announced a couple of days ago, a new Betrayal game set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe should be with us in time for Halloween!

Contents: • 1 set up box • 1 rulebook • 2 haunt books (Traitor's Tome and Secrets of Survival) • 42 tiles • 1 Elfsong Tavern start tile • 1 Catacomb Landing start tile • 6 prepainted plastic adventurer figures • 30 plastic clips • 8 dice • 1 Turn/Damage track • 86 cards (45 events, 22 items, 13 omen, 6 player aid) • 215 tokens (62 monster tokens, 54 adventurer power, event, haunt, item, obstacle tokens, 36 adventurer tokens, 18 NPC • tokens, 18 quest tokens, 14 item and item pile tokens, 13 monster tokens)


Star Trek Adventures TOS and TNG miniatures previewed!

Previews of the range of the iconic minis for Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game have been posted. Pics below, and a blurb from the Modiphius site.

There will be a wide range of Star Trek Adventures miniatures including many of your favourite characters as well as generic crew, away teams, boarding parties and aliens. Accompanying the range will be geomorphic map tiles of Federation, Klingon and other ships, space stations, lost colonies, ancient ruins as well as dangerous and mysterious worlds to explore.  
The figures will be single piece and multi-part, and available in collector's blisters as well as crew packs giving you whole away teams or bridge crews from different eras. As you can see from the scale picture example above they are 32mm iand made in a soft resin. These two initial figures of Captain Kirk and Picard will be available to those signing up for the official playtest at the Modiphius stands at GenCon, Essen Spiele and Dragonmeet and later as part of various sets.