IDW producing Dragon Ball Games!

IDW will producing games in the non-collectible, tile-laying, and dice game categories. These game will be tied to the Dragon Ball Z property while Bandai's new collectible card game will be tied to Dragon Ball Super.

More details at ICv2


RIP Rich Buckler

I was given a bunch of mid-1970s Marvel comics when I was a wee lad. They included Astonishing Tales #32 - #35, and Marvel Team-Up #46, all featuring Deathlok The Demolisher!

As far as I can recall, reading Astonshing Tales was the first time I really took note of just who was drawing the book, it was just that good, that striking. It was Rich Buckler. An amazing comic artist. RIP Mr. Buckler. -Mike

New Marvel Titles This Week! (5/24/17)


Mega Man movie announced

The Talking Board is reporting that Fox and Chernin Entertainment have entered into an agreement to start production on a Mega Man feature film. Details are sparse but TB reports the following:
One positive sign of things to come is  and  are overseeing for the company, while  produces. Together they have a pretty solid pedigree for sci-fi action movies, including the recent/upcoming Planet of the Apes films.  and  are overseeing for Fox.
Fingers crossed!


Cannon Films are burned into my nucleotides

Cobra, Missing in Action, Masters of the Universe, Superman IV, and so on. The 80's were weird and so were the movies made during that decade.

Electric Boogaloo is a documentary about the strange cinematic artifact that was Cannon Films.