The Near-Death of Wolverine (in 1984)

The recent Death of Wolverine event featured Kitty Pryde and Wolverine reminiscing about their shared experiences. Seems unreal to see a call back so central to the relationship of these two characters that happened thirty years ago.

The mini-series Kitty Pryde and Wolverine hit the stands in the latter part of 1984. Aside from Claremont and Miller's 'Wolverine' mini-series, this was by far the coolest Wolverine joint going at the time. Claremont managed to make Kitty Pryde cool and there was all that ninja fighting action.

We had an iteration of Wolverine that wasn't nearly unstoppable, in fact a katana to the chest from a brain-washed Kitty very nearly put him down. 

It also featured Wolverine entering his 'berzerker rage', something we don't see much of these days.

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine is still a fun read and if issue #3 of Death of Wolverine left you with some questions, I would recommend checking it out.  


Graphic Content, a comic book podcast, episode 009 is up!

Dave, Isaac, and Mike discuss a few comic from this week:
  • AXIS #2 (MARVEL)
  • DOCTOR WHO (12TH) #1 (IDW)
In the 'book club' segment they discuss CRADLEGRAVE (2000AD) by John Smith and Edmund Bagwell.


WizKids have posted their unboxing video for The Flash set!

Reposted from the WizKids site:

"Just in time for the premiere of the new Flash TV series, WizKids is unveiling some all-new “speedster” themed HeroClix! Scott Porter (comics superfan and the voice of Cyclops on the X-Men animated series) and Kevin Kiniry of DC Comics unbox the latest The Flash HeroClix booster bricks, showing off a variety of amazing high-speed figurines you’ll definitely want to add to your HeroClix collections!"

This new HeroClix release will be available in a gravity feed, booster brick, and fast forces.

Gravity Feed streets 10/22/14
Boosters street 11/05/14
Fast Forces street 11/05/14


[PREVIEW] Marvel HeroClix Pete Wisdom LE from the 2014 Excalibur OP Kit

WizKids has posted previews of their 2014 Monthly Organized Play Kit. Each kit contains 4 copies of 3 LE figs. All of these figs can be used with the team bases from the Wolverine and the X-Men set.

Here's the latest. Pete Wisdom M-022, from the Excalbur OP materials. The SKU on this kit is WZK 71699, and the street date at the time of this writing is 10/29/14.


The Unsettling Horror of Junji Ito

It's that month.

A speed bump on the way to Christmas for some. But for some of us, that best, most eerie time of the year. When those strange changes are on the wind. The time when reality thins a bit and the shadows stretch longer and deeper. It's time for Halloween and time to remind ourselves how to shiver and huddle closer before the bleakness of winter is upon us.

I thought I would share something that makes me shiver a bit. A favorite of mine...

Junji Ito is without a doubt my favorite mangaka, possibly my favorite creator of anything in the horror genre. I first encountered him the pages of the long dead monthly manga anthology Pulp published by Viz. It was there I lost my equilibrium in the death spiral that is Uzumaki.

Uzumaki tells the tale of a small coastal town that is cursed and ultimately doomed by spirals. It is lovecraftian in the strange and unknowable nature of the curse and in the futility of the protagonists ' struggles. Chapter after chapter brings more strange corruption of the town, and brings our central characters closer to their fate.

The thing about Uzumaki, and about all Ito stories, is there's always this moment. A moment that makes you stop and take a breath, and shudder a bit. so I thought I would share some of those. If you've never read Ito's stuff, this will either compel you to seek  him out or convince you to never delve into his work.

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New podcast up! Graphic Content, a comic book podcast, episode 008 is live.

Cody, Dave, Isaac, and Mike discuss: 

  • KLARION #1 (DC) 
  • AXIS #1 (MARVEL) 

In our 'book club' segment we discuss the webcomics of Emily Carroll (http://www.emcarroll.com) and ANYA'S GHOST (FIRST SECOND BOOKS).

Universal Fighting System (UFS) Tutorial from Jasco Games

We're carrying the new Megaman and Protoman tins for UFS in the store, and folks have been asking about UFS so we thought we'd share Jasco Games' tutorial from YouTube here.