Sector Conditions for the Star Trek Attack Wing game

From the WizKids STAW site:

For Star Trek: Attack Wing, we will be adding a new game mechanic to the events: Sector Conditions. Sector Conditions provide special rules that are in play during the game that represent different spatial anomalies and other environmental effects. The three Sector Condition for the WizKids Open that will be in play during different rounds (see Tournament Rules for more information) are: Nebula, Energy Flux & Meteor Shower. These Sector Conditions can be found below—please feel free to add them to your next Star Trek: Attack Wing game!

I think these Sector Conditions are a great addition to the game and really help distinguish it from other Flightpath games. I recently had a chance to play in a high point STAW game on a 4 x 6 board and I'm looking forward to adding this spatial anomalies to the next game!

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