HeroClix Infinity Gauntlet OP Event in 2012

Details are a bit vague at the moment, but more info will no doubt surface before the end of the year. Wizkids is doing a multi-release OP program over the next three Marvel sets.

As reported on HCRealms:
First, Infinity Gauntlet is not a set ... it is an Organized Play event that will arc over three Marvel sets in 2012 (Hulk, Galactic Guardians, Mighty Avengers; ~8 months). The Infinity Gauntlet Organized Play Kit will be available to stores in addition to the OP Kits that normally come with a sets' release (not as a replacement).

Once per month, your store will run an Infinity Gauntlet event that will reward an event winner, as well as participation prizes. The participation prizes over the course of the arc will be each of the gems, and well as the gauntlet itself (and no, the Infinity Gauntlet is not an Event Dial).

Although I was not told so; I have to assume that the figures will be the winner prizes. Stores should begin coordinating the event within their community to give people multiple opportunities to hop between stores and have a chance to get the winner prizes!

That is as much information I was able to get, but based on what I heard, it looks to be a great event that gets the players back into stores! I know I'm excited!

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