DC Relaunch Recap

You've probably all heard about the big DC relaunch by now. Here's a recap of last week's news about some of the fifty-two new #1 titles that will be part of the relaunch.

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Amid the change ahead for the heroes that make up DC Comics' universe, Green Lantern's ring will burn bright and emerald, the character's adventures guided by a familiar face.
Geoff Johns, the company's chief creative officer, will write the upcoming relaunch of "Green Lantern," part of a DC-wide effort that will see 52 new first issues enveloping all of its heroes from Superman to the Justice League to Hawkman, but he's promising a different take and tone for the long-time character.
"It's building off the Green Lantern stories I've done since 'Rebirth,'" he told The Associated Press about the series, which is set to start in September and features art by Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy. "Taking it in a very new direction that we've never seen in 'Green Lantern' before."

"Green Lantern" isn't the only title planned, either. DC is also going to launch three other Green Lantern-related books, too, including "Green Lantern: The New Guardians," written by Tony Bedard and illustrated by Tyler Kirkham and Batt. That will feature Kyle Rayner leading the team. There will also be the "Red Lanterns," featuring Atrocitus and his fellow Red Lantern Corps members facing off against injustice and serving as judge, jury and executioners. The book is being written by Peter Milligan with art by Ed Benes and Rob Hunter.
A third book will also launch, too, "Green Lantern Corps." DC says that title, written by Peter J. Tomasi and illustrated by Fernando Pasarin and Scott Hanna, will see familiar Green Lanterns Guy Gardner and John Stewart as part of an elite strike force aimed at keeping the peace.
What role Hal Jordan will play in all of this, Johns won't say, but the longtime Green Lantern of Sector 2814 will be part of the new Justice League series that kicks of the DC-wide relaunch.
Johns kept details of his writing for the new series close to the vest, but said that if "I didn't think I had a great idea for Green Lantern, I wouldn't have relaunched the book. I would move on if I didn't think I had a great plan for it."
As for what will happen, Johns said he would strive to make the new series fresh but mindful of its historic roots to longtime fans and new readers, too, and stay true to the spirit of the Green Lantern Corps and its emotional content.
Some hints may come in the final issue of the current series, No. 57, which is due out later this month.
"'Green Lantern' 1 picks up a few months later in a very different space than we are now," Johns said. "When you see the cover you'll know exactly what I'm talking about."

TEN NEW #1s:
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DC Comics announced the creative teams for ten of its new #1 titles that will spin out from the pages of Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, which was announced on Tuesday (see “DC Renumbering All Titles” and “DC Revising Characters in Reboot”).  Writer Brian Azzarello (The Joker, 100 Bullets) will team with Cliff Chiang (Neil Young’s Greendale) for Wonder Woman #1, which will feature a cover by Chiang.

Geoff Johns, who is writing the all-important Justice League #1, will reunite with his Green Lantern and Brightest Day collaborator Ivan Reis to create a new take on DC’s sea-going superhero in Aquaman #1, which will feature a cover by Reis and Joe Prado.

Francis Manapul, who created the art for the recent Geoff Johns run on The Flash, makes his writing debut on The Flash #1 where he will share both scripting and art chores with Brian Bucellato.  Manapul and Bucellato also collaborate on the cover to The Flash #1.

Writers Ethan Van Scriver and Gail Simone are teaming up with artist Yildiray Cinar on the Fury of Firestorm #1, which will present a major new take on the character of Nuclear Man.  Van Scriver also provides the striking cover to issue #1.

Tony Daniel (Batman) will work with artist Philip Tan (Green Lantern: Agent Orange) on The Savage Hawkman #1.  In order to forestall an alien plague Carter Hall must don his cowl and wings to become the new Savage Hawkman in this action-packed tale.  Tan provides the cover to #1 as well as the interior art.

JT Krul (Teen Titans) is writing the new adventures of the Green Arrow with Dan Jurgens providing the interior art and Brett Booth is providing the cover to the new Green Arrow #1.

Dan Jurgens is also a talented writer and he gets a chance to display his writing chops with an international team of squabbling superheroes in Justice League International #1.  Aaron Lopresti will provide both the interior art and the cover to issue #1.

Eric Wallace (Titans) is penning the adventures of the world’s third smartest man in Mister Terrific #1, with Roger Robinson doing the penciling and J.G. Jones providing the cover.

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