Deadpool Merc With A Mouth Homage Cover-palooza

Deadpool Merc with a Mouth has completed it's 13-issue run and I thought it would be fun to look back at all the A covers for that series (which were all homages) and the inspirations for each. More after the jump...

#1: Draws its inspiration from Savage Tales #1, a Marvel B&W anthology from 1971. Ka-Zar appears in both.
#2: A movie poster homage. Jaws in this case.

#3: Dawn of the Dead of course! The best of the Romero zombie flicks IMHO!

#4: The world is Deadpool's it seems with this Scarface homage.

#5: Yup. Pretty Woman.

#6: An homage to one of the best movie posters in history, Ridley Scott's Alien.

#7: Another movie poster homage, a little more obscure this time. Inspired by the promo poster from Trainspotting.

#8: One Million Years DP, inspired by One Million Years BC. Easy enough.

#9: An iconic image from The Graduate.

#10: Why Frank Miller's Wolverine #1 cover bub!

#11: From the superlative Lone Wolf & Cub, published in the states by Dark Horse.

#12: The only album cover in the mix, Nirvana's breakthrough album Nevermind.

#13: The final issue is an homage to the Silence of the Lambs movie poster. 

There's a lot of Deadpool cover homages out there and what looks original may in fact be a reference to a movie, an album cover, or some other notable piece of comic art. For example Deadpool Corps #6, new on the stands this week with a cover by Rob Liefeld seems awfully familiar...


  1. yeah, I love deadpool comics and have happily read them all - except deadpool corps which has been an excuse for stupidity from the get go. Good start but all downhill from there.

    Loved these covers all, really well done. but that last cover from the Corps issue, well I dont think it was homage as much as "Rob cant draw" and probably just traced and copied it from the nightcrawler cover and still couldnt get it right! :D

  2. That's quite possible! It isn't so much an homage as an "adventures in lightboxing" moment. It's basically a replica of the Cockrum Nightcrawler cover.