Elegy Agitato

Sometimes the best indication that a writer knows his craft is his ability to bring a new reader up to speed without clumsy exposition or those little editors notes in boxes. I haven't been following DCs big events and continuity for a while now. Missed out on Batwoman's first go around as well. Despite this the first issue of Greg Rucka's run on Detective Comics (#854 but it feels all new) brought me up to its break neck pace with ease.

Character dynamics are established elegantly and I was able to infer all I needed to know about the ongoing plot of the Crime Bible.

I knew I had to read this because I've always liked JH Willaims III's work. He not only does not disappoint but renews my belief that the guy is one of the best in the business today. This is simply the best looking book this year. I enjoyed Batman & Robin #1, and Winnick's first issue on Batman, but this, this is a great comic. Check it out.

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